We have innovated in expert enterprise wide IT systems that also enable us to integrate with our clients’ systems. This ensures a seamless sharing of information across the cold chain ecosystem, which in turn facilitates accurate data analytics and service management. Systems for inventory tracking and replenishment, warehouse management, route optimization, demand forecasting along with our Online Ordering Portal improve service levels, increase efficiencies and cut costs across the value chain.

What We Offer

Technology Integrated Business

IT Support

Managing the inventory, logistics and customer service for a complex distribution network requires robust technological solutions that bring efficiency, accuracy and visibility to all operations.

  • Inventory Management Systems help us keep track of inventory, forecast requirements and ensure optimal inventory levels and cost effective operations in each DC.
  • Placing orders and resolving queries is made convenient for clients through the easy interface of our online account management system
  • Logistics support by means of route optimization help plan the most efficient and cost effective routes; GPS technology and data loggers help our customers stay updated in real time about their shipments